Friday, June 12, 2009

The Case of the Missing Funfetti Batter

Sean's coworkers got a surprise today: Funfetti cupcakes! I think Funfetti is the greatest cupcake flavor available out of a box — it's basically white cake with mysterious blobs of color, but it's amazing. I found out those blobs of color start out as sprinkles! Who knew? (Answer: Everyone who bakes cupcakes.)

I started the night with a disaster. I have struggled with cracking eggs since I was a child; my mother has shown me countless techniques and I always mess up. I went to crack the egg on the edge of the counter and OF COURSE, the entire egg went splat and suddenly I was dripping and my feet were sticky. 

But all was well. I just cleaned up after myself, grabbed another egg and beat the batter.

I used a measuring cup, as you all advised me last week, to scoop out the batter and was dismayed to find I ran out of batter halfway through the second pan. I stood over the pans, hand on my hip, pondering where I had gone wrong. Finally, I decided to try to move some batter around, but didn't bother trying to fill those last four cups. 

Oh. That's where the batter went. Toward making oversized, ludicrous cupcakes. 

Also, I have SO MUCH LEFTOVER ICING. I feel like the cake people are in league with the hot dog people. You know how you used to always have more hot dogs than buns or vice versa? That's me with cupcakes. I always have too much icing, no matter how many cupcakes I make. So I suppose more cupcakes are in my future until I get rid of all the icing.

Does anyone have a creative suggestion for what to do with extra cake icing other than making more cupcakes?


Anonymous said...

You can make fudge with it, or make graham cracker cookies by spreading it onto the crackers.

Joe said...

The cupcakes were great! Very moist. Thanks for sending them in with Sean.

Amanda said...

I very often have leftover icing and my favorite thing to do is eat it with fruit. Strawberries are my favorite, but pineapples, grapes, and cherries work really well too.