Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Right Order for Tacos

Sorry for my absence! My future Sister-in-Law was in town, so while we were showing her the best seafood and pizza and burgers, my kitchen was lonely.

And then last night, I got home late and still had to do the groceries, so we decided to have a taco night. As you may remember, tacos are my favorite comfort food.

It's interesting, when living someone, to see how different people handle different things, like how they organize their tacos.

Sean prefers one strip of lettuce rather than shredded, almost like a taco lettuce cup. I thought that was crazy, so he set up TWO separate sets of lettuce in our taco assembly line. Crazy man.

Preparing to set up his tacos. Here's the order, according to Sean: Shell, lettuce cup, onions, meat. He messed up on his first run (as seen below), but got it right later.

My order? Shell, meat, cheddar cheese (which I give time to melt), onions, taco sauce then lettuce.

I'm very particular about sandwiches, too. If the cheese is on the bottom, THE WORLD IS OVER. If the lettuce is on the bottom, THE WORLD IS OVER. And if the bun isn't toasted, THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH!


Kate said...

And now I've got to go get tacos for lunch... damnit =P

Bret said...

shell, meat, cheese (so the heat from the meat melts it), lettuce, tomatoes.

Amanda said...


I'm going to introduce toppings so far unmentioned and say... soft tortilla, beans, shell, meat, guacamole, tomatoes, shredded lettuce, salsa, cheese.

Oh man. Now I need a taco too. :)

gina-mom said...

i do cheese first, lots of it, then meat to melt it, then lettuce, then tomatoes... if i had the option of guacamole i would definitely put that on top as a sealer... spanish rice is also good as a above or below the meat ingredient