Monday, June 8, 2009

Custom Wedding Dress Craziness

So, I know it's a little early to be FREAKING OUT about my dress search, but I am buggin. All. the. time.

Here's the basics of what I picture when I imagine my dream wedding dress:
* tea-length or cocktail-length
* a vintage feel, very 50s
* A tulle or organza or chiffon skirt that swirls and flows when I dance
* A ballerina style
* straps or sleeves to help hold up/take attention away from the ladies.

I have been searching since day one of my engagement and people, this dress doesn't exist. And some come close (that will probably be a post for another day), but every single dress I've seen there's a caveat. Too expensive. The bodice is too simple. The bodice is too busy. The skirt isn't poufy enough. The skirt is too poufy.

I went to three bridal shops with my mother last week and none of them had tea-length samples that I could even see, but believe me, I tried on plenty of bridesmaid's dresses that come in white. And many of them are lovely, and one of them came close to being the one and still could be. But they're very simple dresses because frankly, they're meant to offset the gorgeousness of a bridal gown. As I kept saying to the clerks, I want a bridal gown that just happens to be short, not a sundress. Sigh.

Anyway, this brings me to my point. I'm considering custom, but I have many reservations, especially the cost. I was wondering, dear readers, did any of you have your dress (or any dress) custom-made or do you know someone who did?

What was the experience like? Would you recommend it? Is it insanely expensive? Is it worth it? Please, please share.

P.S. The dresses up top are two gorgeous custom gowns by an Oregon designer named Elizabeth Dye.


Annissa said...

When my sister got married (keep in mind this was the 90's) she got her dress custom made by a lady in Tennessee. It was her dream dress and it took almost a year but it was exactly what she wanted. I remember it being under $1000 but like I said this was the 90's. I have always given thought to having someone make my dress (if I ever get married) because I would want something unique and I think it's a special experience but from what I hear it can be expensive.

Good luck in finding your dream dress I couldn't even begin to imagine how difficult it must be!

Chanelle said...

Hmm. yep, I know two people who had custom dresses made. My best friend from high school had her roommate fashion student make her dress as her senior design project. AAAnnnnd, the other girl had her grandmother or aunt make hers.

Both of them said their dresses took a crazy long time, and the first girl was still waiting on hers to have major things done to it like two weeks out. BUT, they both loved their dresses immensely and wouldn't have changed one single thing about them. So, I guess it's probably worth it.

I honestly can't imagine that the cost difference is that great. Because even if you do find a dress (pre-made) that works, you'll still drop another couple hundred in alterations.

Elizardbeth said...

Try looking at dress patterns to see if you see anything that comes close, and then go talk to a tailor. Tailors are wonderful More people should use them!

Bret said...

kate had her dress custom made. her mother's dress had a giant stain on the bottom (and was waaaaaay too 70s) so kate had her dress maker shorten her mother's dress and she wore it to her rehearsal dinner. The dress maker used lace from her mother's dress and incorporated it into kate's dress. She was absolutely trilled with hers and it didnt take a year. She was engaged in april and got married in october.