Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Strawberry Cupcakes (with icing poop)

It's true internets! I baked! It was pretty wild. Of course, I started simple: strawberry cake mix, with strawberry frosting. 

I did it! I made batter! Even though I didn't know the difference between blend and beat on my hand mixer. 

So, this is where I need your help: I have NO idea how I'm supposed to get the batter into those tiny little cups without thousands of spills. I spilled so much batter, and poured so unevenly, that I only had enough for 22 cupcakes. I sorta got the hang of it by the end, but I still don't know how you guys manage it!

But look! Cupcakes! Lack of pouring skills aside, they still taste like cupcakes.

And this is where things went a little bit awry. I thought it would be cute to try the cut-plastic-bag trick and make little icing swirls, but I had accidentally bought whipped icing, so it came out looking like poop.

Little piles of smooth icing poop. Lesson learned: pipe thicker frosting, smooth thinner icing.

I finally got the hang of it (right at the end, of course) and sprinkled some red sugar on top. 

Now....what do I do with all of these cupcakes?


Amber said...

Use a measuring cup to pour your batter.

The Madd Crafter said...

Ice cream scoops work well too.

Amanda said...

I just bought an icecream scoop because I've heard they are very handy. But... I think a 1/4c measuring cup is much easier to clean. :)

Back to the actual cupcakes - they look great! And icings are always a toss up. I always, always want to pipe the icing, but often I make an icing only to find out that it's too thin to pipe. I'm getting ready to fight the exact same battle right now.

Welcome to the cupcake baking world! Go eat one! :)

Kate said...

Actually the plastic bag trick is a great way to get the batter mix into those little cups too... But maybe that's because I didn't own an ice cream scoop :-P

Joe said...

As for what to do with them ... send them to work with Sean.