Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Egg Pasta Disasters

I was so proud of my dinner on Saturday that I decided to repeat it for Ashleigh and Amanda. And of course, I didn't have enough time, was completely scrambling to finish and made the mistake of trying something new while cooking the meal. 

First of all, I have been cooking for two for so long that just throwing one extra person in the mix threw off my game. I chopped what I thought was enough spinach — it wasn't. 

When I originally saw the recipe, it called for tagliarelle, an egg pasta. I didn't think anything of it and when I spotted this box of super fancy tagliarelle at the grocery store, I thought it would be so impressive. 

THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW: I have never cooked or even EATEN egg pasta. I had no idea it would be different from any other type of pasta. So I timed my entire cooking around the cooking time for fettucine.

Well friends, first of all, egg pasta makes the water so murky that I couldn't even see the pasta cook and had no idea when it was done. Which meant that by the time I checked on it, it was done because apparently, egg pasta cooks immediately. So, to impress my friends, I made overcooked, mushy egg pasta. Thank goodness I have polite friends.

Also, my little salad cups came out way too big. It was just one of those cooking nights where I was completely frazzled. By the time we started eating, the pasta was cold, but still tasted good. Also, I learned that I don't really like egg pasta. Tragedies.

The lesson here: never, ever alter a recipe without trying it first. Ever.


Amanda said...

I didn't think the egg pasta was mushy!! But that might just be because I like egg pasta. :)

Ashleigh said...

I don't know if I have ever had egg noodles but I liked it. I don't like tough noodles. It was delish!

lrennie86 said...

are those salad cups from giada on the FN? they look deliciously familiar.

Amber said...

yes, they are the Giada salad cups, with her recipe for vinaigrette as well. Super delicious and EASY.