Monday, May 10, 2010

Spicy Apple Mustard

Have you ever had a condiment that elevates a humble sandwich into a masterpiece? I was in a wedding once where the mother-in-law made ham biscuits for the bridesmaids and I have no idea what magic she put under that bun, but it was INSANE. I ate like, 50.

The other day, I was wandering through my local World Market, as I'm wont to do, and I spotted this tiny little jar of Spicy Apple Mustard. Doesn't that sound amazing?

I toasted some mini buns and slathered the sauce on the top, then added lettuce and ham.

My little snack!

The spicy apple mustard added a kick of spice and a hint of sweet. I think it will be awesome on hot dogs come summertime, and really good on a salami and provolone sandwich. But the real beauty is that I think this would be really, really simple to make.

I checked the ingredients and it was basically applesauce and dijon mustard and additional spices. I think just applesauce + mustard would work fine. It really is the simple things that yield the best result.

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Beef said...

normally, i'm not a sandwich at home kinda girl. but, i love the look of the toasted rolls. i think you've given me some lunch/dinner inspiration for the week!