Friday, May 21, 2010

Norfolk Botanical Gardens Visit

Last weekend Sean and I ventured out of our comfort zone (the couch) to go on a little Hampton Roads field trip. We decided to visit the Norfolk Botanical Garden, which is just heavenly. It's the ideal spot for portraits, too, and was insanely busy with weddings. We must have seen staff setting up for at least 5 different weddings throughout the park.

Here are some highlights of what we saw:

Breathtaking David Austin roses, which are the only roses I like these days.

Great garden inspiration in the English garden: plants ID'd with chalk on zinc.

A gorgeous English colonial garden, wild, yet contained.

I'm all about this look these days; it's the Virginian in me.

We spotted this guy booking it across the grass and he was attempting any route away from us, but we still got a shot of him.

I'm on a big arbor/pergola kick and keep fantasizing about my future cover patio with hanging wisteria. This one was gorgeous.

The park also has a little hut with a living roof, which I loved.

Sean pretending to balance on the walkway over a pond in the Japanese garden. He's so silly.

The park packs a lot of bang for your buck, I think. We paid the same amount we'd pay to go to a movie and spent about the same amount of time getting exercise, admiring the flowers and talking about our future garden.

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