Thursday, May 6, 2010

Scores from Williamsburg Antique Mall

I love old crap.

I do.

I am a bonafide, third-generation packrat. I'm the person who doesn't throw away pretty packaging because I like the old font. I'm the person who gets upset when I hear of natural disasters potentially ruining museum collections (embarrassingly so, in fact)! If I could give myself a new middle name, it might be preservation.

So it's no surprise that when someone told me the Williamsburg Antique Mall is so large, you need to allot at least two hours to cover half of it, I said, "I am SO there."

I went last Saturday and after 2 1/2 hours of blissful browsing, I came away with this loot for our vintage garden party-inspired wedding.

A $4 1950s robin's egg blue purse with pearl enclosure, to carry on my wedding day. (Something blue AND in my color scheme!)

Two more Ball mason jars for the wedding centerpieces ($3 each, which is a STEAL!)

A Canada Dry crate, in which we'll store programs or favor bags or somesuch nonsense at the wedding.

And I have to admit, the wire frame is not an antique. It's a reproduction, purchased at Anthropologie. But doesn't it look like the real deal? It will hold one of the many signs necessary at the wedding, either in the photo area or the cupcake display or the buffet.

I'm resisting the urge to go back to the Antique Mall to buy a $68 vintage wire plant stand...ooh. Now that I put it in writing, I'm not sure I can resist.

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