Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gardening 101

Wire Arm Chair, $228
Flared leaf cache, $32
Wire plant stand, $898

If I had all the money and all the skills, I would have the loveliest balcony. I'm fantasizing about having the best, prettiest porch in the whole damn complex. While I'm dreaming, I'm forming a wish list from Terrain.

My gardening experience is pretty limited. I have vague memories of helping a neighbor lady weed her garden and mixing up the delightfully scary blue Miracle Gro. I remember trying valiantly to grow sunflowers in a spot where they would never grow. Otherwise, I haven't tried much beyond that.

I'm determined to learn this summer how to tend a container garden. I have no clue what I'm doing and I have a sense this will be an adventure in trial-and-error. I hastily planted some herbs (not from seed...I'm not that ambitious since my Chia failure) on Sunday afternoon, only to realize after reading a few articles that I probably need to pull them back out and mess with the rootball.

Gardening is a foreign language and just in the past two days, I've read a bajillion articles about bat guano and deadheading and fish emulsion and controlled release fertilizer. I have no idea what I'm doing, but it should be an adventure. I promise to try to document the adventure all summer.

How are your gardening projects coming? Do you have a better clue of what you're doing?


lerrington said...

Ambers! We're in this together friend! I don't have a clue either, I'm much better at keeping animals alive than plants...

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see how your garden grows. Do know that the #1 way to kill a plant is over watering - they need air as much as water so don't keep them constantly wet! :)

EdibLessons said...

My sister and I did some seed starters a few weeks ago, and while they were sunning on our patio, the wind blew them over. It mixed up all of the seeds. So now we have tiny plants popping out of the soil, but we don't know whether it's watermelon or lettuce! Hope you have much better luck with it.