Wednesday, May 5, 2010

LOST in Translation V.13

You guys.

I kind of can't even talk about what happened on LOST.

That sound? Oh, that was my heart breaking.

First of all: Damn good episode. One of the things I liked best about this episode was that it just moved the plot right along in a tidy way. It didn't introduce any characters I don't care to know. It didn't show me some piece of Island architecture that just appeared. It didn't confuse me, which was good, because I was able to use my emotional reserves to stare aghast at the screen during the super tragic ending.

I'm going to say it, and I'm sure you're thinking it: Jin and Sun never got a fair shake on this show. It was all struggle for them. But I'm glad they were together, in love and speaking the same language.

I won't lie; there was a moment where I was like, "Jin! You have a baby to worry about!" And the whole scene smacked of "Titanic"...but when Hurley broke down, I was a goner, too. I was glad to know that, although not a tear was shed for Sayid 2.0, the Losties felt the same way I did about Jin and Sun.

Moving on, let's go over the big hits:
  • How great was every single exchange between Jack and Locke in the Sideways world? That first scene, when Jack said, "I think you may be a candidate" and "I can fix you!" was so classic. Locke TOTALLY had that now-familiar flash of recognition.
  • Jack seems to be slowly coming around to the same realization Desmond had reached about Oceanic 815 and the fact it might not be a coincidence that he keeps running into people from the flight. He doesn't seem to understand...yet.
  • How crazy was it when Locke, in his sleep, mumbled about pushing the button and said "I wish you had believed me." Jack almost said the exact same thing to him later about the surgery.
  • Fake Locke Revelations: Those magnetic electric fences sure didn't keep Smokey out, did they? And also, he can apparently kill anybody he chooses whenever he wants. So why doesn't he?
  • TRULY REWARDING MOMENT: I loved when Jack hypothesized that Locke was not able to kill all of them. I agree, but why and how? Is Jacob always watching their backs, getting in the way in opportune moments? Is that why Widmore's people seem to have impeccable timing?
  • RIP Sayid, Sorry about ditching you, Claire and Are you gone forever, Lapidus?
All of that was fine and good, but I forgot about my sorrows the moment BACKGAMMON was shown for next week's preview. As you may remember, I came up with a theory that backgammon, for whatever reason, was the most important thing ever in the canon of LOST. When Sean and I rewatched the first season last summer, I noticed Locke was always playing backgammon with people and it seemed to have way more significance than just a game. Walt, you may recall, was outstanding at stomping Locke's ass in backgammon. Is it time for his return?

Also, the mysterious white and black stones in the cave with Adam and Eve? I'm convinced they're backgammon pieces. I can't wait to find out what next week holds.

How about you guys? Are you devastated about Jin and Sun? Do you like the new, super confident, "I got this" Jack? Do you agree Claire is being treated like the last kid picked for kickball?


ashleigh t. said...

F this. I just wrote a whole paragraph about Lost and then it didn't take my comment. Ill talk to you tonight about it :)

Amber said...

HA. i'm sorry ashleigh. Blogger can be finicky sometimes.

Jennifer said...

Great analysis, I totally agree. Love the Jack. Something no one has commented on which I found particularly interesting is Kate telling Jack "I didnt know where you were, I couldnt find you" as a Jate fan, I loved that moment where she was vulnerable (but I cant recall when it was- perhaps when she got shot and really needed a doctor).
I think Claire as a relation of Jack's will have some serious time on the kick ball field in two weeks.
Also I am devastated about Jin and Sun, but ever hopeful since in the sideways world they are together.

Amber said...

I, too, thought it was weird when Kate was like, "Where WERE you?!" It seemed very all-of-a-sudden to me, especially since Sawyer was lying unconscious on the ground.