Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Homearama 2013

 Every year, we love to go to the local builder expo, Homearama, and get decor inspiration (and enjoy a bit of judging). This year, it was unfortunately more judging than oohing and aahing but Melissa and I didn't leave without a few good glimpses.

 Melissa and I loved this dining room...there's nothing like a fully set table! We were especially keen on the nailhead linen dining chairs that were from — wait for it — Value City.

 I am dying over this Moroccan-inspired marble tile. So gorgeous, modern yet classic.

 In the same house, the bathroom had scalloped tile in a gorgeous fishscale pattern that made both Melissa and I gasp with delight.

 In the same room, this beautiful pewter wallpaper was used sparingly to great effect.

 I don't love the idea of forcing anyone to go to sleep beneath their to-do list, but I thought the idea of a striped chalkboard wall was inspired.

 We also loved this sophisticated spin on a frou frou teenage room, made a little more grown-up with a generous strip of framed wallpaper.

The rest of the homes were boring, except this modern-day glitzy Elvis home that had our jaws on the floor.

It's possible this doesn't quite translate in pictures, but this room was like a teenage girl's fantasy room on crack. 

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