Thursday, May 2, 2013

Routines, Starting and Breaking

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You guys. I've been having SUCH a hard time getting used to my new routine. It's totally strange; my old job had completely unpredictable hours, whereas my new job is a strictly 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. affair, with the occasional work event. It also eliminated my previous 30-minute commute.

And yet. I'm having the hardest time getting a handle on meal-planning, working in time to work out, etc. Do you guys experience this? It's interesting how changing the way I spend a few hours a week has such an effect on the hours I'm not at work! 

This has led to probably more pizza nights than I care to admit. Do any of you have any tips on how you set a routine? Do you set certain days aside for certain tasks? I'll take any advice I can get! Or we can just vent about how being a grown-up is hard. That always works.


Heather West said...

Weekend meal prep will become your best friend!

During the weekend, usually Sunday, I do whatever I can to prep meals for the week. I chop vegetables for soups and put them in ziploc bags with the date & what it's for written on it, make meatballs & freeze them, cook chicken in the crockpot & shred it for buffalo chicken pizza, etc. I chop loads of fruit & veggies for healthy snacking, I usually make a batch of Mexican quinoa for healthy lunches, I make a vat if homemade salsa (it's my condiment of choice & I put it on everything) and if I'm feeling like a real breakfast instead of oatmeal, I pre-make breakfast sandwiches for the freezer or a huge, delicious baked egg dish. It takes several hours, but the kitchen is my favorite place to be, so I don't mind it.

I also meal plan like a crazy person, and I am pretty adamant about sticking to it. If I'm spending $100+ at the store on fresh ingredients, it makes me less likely to want to eat out because I HATE wasting money!

Good luck! Getting in a new routine always is challenging. It'll take time.

MirandaEgan said...

I totally feel for you! When I switched jobs a month ago the first couple of weeks were rough. I felt all out of sorts. Even with an easier commute I had to give myself some time to readjust to how I did things during the week. The good news is that you do get into a groove and so it gets easier. Also I had a sit down with the hubby to explain it isn't just a new job because it feels like a new everything. So he pitched in more until I felt like I had my footing again. But there was no working out or home cooking in the beginning. Just be patient with yourself!

Anonymous said...

I completely understand! When my hours changed at work last year, I was lost too after all the nights and weekends I had done for 5 years. I am with Heather. We set aside Sunday to do our grocery shopping and meal planning. I have also been begun waking at 6am (ouch) to go workout at 7, be home by 8 and work by 9 to get some exercise. You'll get a routine down. I also order pizza at least every couple weeks for those days that I am completely done when I get home! -Rhiannon