Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Best v.156

Beautiful photo of Natalie Wood, found on Pinterest

I hope your Memorial Day weekend is going swell! My husband just got back from his annual camping trip, so we are digging into the new Arrested Development episodes. Enjoy my favorite links of the week!
  • The stories behind Arrested Development's best jokes.
  • Pictures of Charlottesville then and now.
  • Backstreet Boys review their silliest quotes.
  • Jimmy Fallon engages in the Game of Desks.
  • I totally went down the rabbit hole on this website tracking modern day ruins, like abandoned theme parks.
  • Beyonce's tumblr is great, but Solange's blog is pretty great, too.
  • Jenny's incredible tip for breaking in shoes in 5 minutes.
  • Famous gems through time! I'm still reading a book about Elizabeth Taylor, so this was perfectly timed!

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