Friday, May 24, 2013

Jams of the Week

Cleaning Jam: Hoover Linx

Our terrible apartment carpet is the WORST. It pills, it's tan, and it has all kinds of weird stains from who knows when. Combine that with my very long hair shedding all over the place, my husband's penchant for eating Pop Tarts in his armchair and his love of leaving black sock lint everywhere and you've got a picture of how gross our floor regularly looks. 

To make matters worse, my cheapie vacuum, bought in 2006 for maybe $60, smelled TERRIBLE and picked up nothing. We don't have any animals, or even stairs, so I did a bunch of research and picked up the Hoover Linx cordless stick vacuum. I'm happy to report it's great! It's super lightweight, super powerful and it's cordless! And it's easy to store! For now, it's a great main vacuum and when we eventually need something more heavy duty, it'll be great for quick jobs.

Dessert Jam: Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream Bars

I don't care what brand, I just love this concept. Mayfield, PET, Blue Bell, Ben &'s all good!

TV Jam: "Arrested Development"

It's back this Sunday! It's almost too good to be true! I watched the show when it aired on Fox originally and was devastated when the show was ultimately canceled. I've watched it repeatedly over the years, but it still seemed important to watch it again as prep for the new season on Netflix!

Movie Jam: "Star Trek: Into Darkness"

Have you seen the new "Star Trek" yet? I really loved it. My parents and aunt are pretty heavy Trek fans, and my husband is, too, so I'm one by influence and extension. I really enjoyed this one and Benedict Cumberbatch was the perfect villain!

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