Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Things I'm Preoccupied By These Days

Oh, friends. I feel like I fell down on blogging! Here are the things that have been taking up my spare time lately:

Re-Learning How to Design

I spent several years designing newspapers, but that's a very specific type of design. Now, I'm designing a TON in my new position and finding myself obsessed with looking for inspiration on Pinterest, Behance and Design Work Life. I especially love this poster by Carlos Zamora.

Cars vs. Houses

For years, Sean and I have been putting off buying a new car (both of us have 10-year-old cars) and we've saving for our first home. Now we've finally reached the point where we can get moving on that, but we've been feeling kinda overwhelmed about which hurdle to tackle first. One friend recommended applying for a mortgage before a car loan because it would look better....but then there's the nagging knowledge that the car needs more and more upkeep. Ugh! Being a grown-up is tough as hell, isn't it?

Scanning Old Pictures

I finally found the time to scan pictures I borrowed from my dad at Christmastime! This is a shot of my grandpa George back in the 40s. What a handsome fella!

Planning Our First Family Vacay

I haven't been on a proper vacation with my family members since I graduated from college, so I'm very excited because we're planning a trip with my mom, stepdad and grandparents to Washington, D.C. in September. I've been many, many times and Sean was born there, but I'm still pumped not only to spend time together, but see some of the touristy stuff we never get to see and also to play tour guides. What are your favorite less-than-obvious things to do in DC or places to eat?

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Heather West said...

Buying/selling a house is the most frustrating experience imaginable. We're moving out there in July and trying to decide where we're going to live is more stressful than trying to sell our house here!

I've been scanning really old pics too. It's really fun putting them on facebook and having distant relatives I haven't talked to since my wedding get excited over photos of my grandmother and her 11 brothers and sisters!