Friday, December 30, 2011

Ludachristmas 2011

Are you familiar with Ludachristmas? The long explanation is available here, but in my circle of friends, it's the most recent incarnation of our annual Christmas Eve Eve get-together. This year, we did it up good, meeting for dinner at the sole fancy restaurant in town, Tavern on Main.

Afterward, we retired to my friend's house for our signature cocktail of the year, Andre champagne with rosemary simple syrup.

We played a new favorite game — "Uncle Fritz Sits Happily In the Bathtub" — as explained in this episode of Side by Side with Susan Blackwell. We proceeded to our favorite game, which is crappy White Elephant, using only items purchased at the dollar store. I won a feather boa!

Our final tradition is to take a series of ridiculous photos that look like cast photos. This is us, fake laughing (or are we faking it?).

Fun was had by all!

Do you have big New Year's plans? Sean and I decided to go low-key this year, so I bought filet mignon steaks to make steak frites, two bottles of Asti (I prefer it to champagne) and we plan to get tipsy and maybe go to the movies. BIG FUN!

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