Monday, December 5, 2011

It's the Holiday Season

Well, the holiday season has launched in our household. I've assembled the perfect holiday mix on Spotify, I've got my sparkly tee from J.Crew (in gold), and I'm ready to go.

This weekend, Sean and I saw "The Muppets." (Hilarious, and I definitely cried during "Rainbow Connection," as per ush.) Then, we got gussied up and headed out to Sean's company Christmas party at the Mariner's Museum (where we got married). I'm wearing my new favorite red lipstick — Revlon Ravish Me Red.

We were able to tour the museum, which we didn't do during our wedding, and I made Sean pretend to sit alone in a Titanic lifeboat. Jerk!

After that, we finally decorated for Christmas. Last year, we decided not to get a full, real tree because we'd be traveling so much. We decided to do that again, and it works well. I also took down the gallery wall and put up the glitter stars from our wedding...I love the idea my future kids might grow up hanging these for the holidays and know they're from the day we got married!

I like to buy new, personal ornaments every year. This year, we bought an ornament from Biltmore...

and in honor of living in Hampton Roads, a mermaid, which is the symbol of Norfolk. I love her glitter!

And, as always, popped up my LED diamond lights from IKEA. I very much miss having a mantel to put them on, but they still have a place of honor!

Today, I'm also hoping to pick up stamps for Christmas cards...I don't know why I'm so with it this year, but I'm glad for it!

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