Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bathroom Door: Closed or Open?

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Alright, y'all, let's talk about intimacy. I'm not talking about that kind of intimacy...I'm talking about how intimate you have to be in your relationship before it's okay to use the bathroom in front of your mate/spouse/significant other.

I brought this up in conversation yesterday and everybody was like, "Oh yeah, of course I leave the door open." To which, I must ask: am I the only prude who is completely averse to this? 

I'm just wayyyyyyy too private to sit around talking to my husband while he's using the bathroom and vice versa. Besides, when would I get my reading done? (LOL). I will admit, we are blessed to have two bathrooms and that helps.

People have told me they grew up in the kind of households where you talk to your parents while they use the bathroom, and I've also heard that when you become a parent, the idea of closing the door vanishes with all your other inhibitions. 

So my question is this: Am I really the only one who believes firmly in a closed-door policy? Are all of you dropping deuces with an audience? Is this definitely the crudest thing I've ever brought up on the blog? I still say it counts as domestication. 


theshe said...

NO deuces with an audience for me, EVER. And I was in a deeply committed relationship, co-habitating, for eight years.

Unknown said...

Oh my! I feel like I would have performance anxiety! The ONLY way someone would be able to see me do my business is if I were infirm and in need of assistance to do said business. Though I have been called a prude on many occasions... I just feel that 1. that's my time 2. how would I read (I'm with ya girl) and 3. talk about taking the spark right out of a relationship... "Oh hunny it was just so sexy when you were going tinkle in front of me just now. Take me! Take me now you sexual beast!" Yeahhhhh No.

Amber said...

I"ve cohabitated with two different men and had a few other fairly serious relationships; i'm a closed door girl.

Nakiya said...

No wayyyy. All about my privacy!

Valerie said...

We don't have a bathroom door...it was just one big open space in the bedroom. So we put up a pretty sheet as a divider. Needless to say, we are pretty relaxed with our bathroom sessions. We usually try to leave the room when the other needs to go #2, but sometimes that just doesn't happen. Those are the times when it feel more like brother/sister love than husband/wife. We just roll with it.

Tallulah Bankrobber said...

#1, sure. #2, no way.