Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Best v.82

That sound you just heard was a thousand women's baby clocks going off. Omigod, who knows where this child came from, but geeeeez. Found here.

How are the holidays treating you? I've been strangely on top of gift shopping and wrapping and all that this year, but I'm starting to get REALLY busy. Hoping to enjoy some time to drink cocoa and bake cookies soon.
  • Gift-giving advice from someone who struggles with Asperger's.
  • My friend Bret just introduced me to a Broadway-centered talk show that is HILARIOUS. Watch Daniel Radcliffe learn to clean. It's awesome.
  • Awesome website of weird pictures, objects, etc. from the the past.
  • I fell down the rabbit hole looking at pictures of former celebrity couples.
  • Ever wonder why you wear different sizes at different stores? NPR explains.

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