Thursday, September 15, 2011

Watercolor Bouquets

My painting obsession of the spring waned when summer came, for no good reason really. Sometimes when you are hit with inspiration, you have to get it all out, and then it hits you: Wow, I really got it all out and there's nothing left. 

Obviously it's not that dramatic, but I just sort of lost my appetite for painting and what really happened is that my computer, which had all the creative suite programs, all but crashed and rendered it nearly impossible to use. I haven't been able to scan anything since, so the paintings I have done haven't surfaced to the interwebs. 

Anyways, all this is to say I recently took up painting again, not quite at the same feverish pace. I painted these three bouquets, inspired by florists Amy Merrick and Saipua, and photographed them badly with my point and shoot. Let's hope I get that old scanner working with me again!


Suzanne Tate said...

Thanks for sharing these paintings. Seeing your colorful work makes me happy! Keep going!!

Anonymous said...

I had wondered if you were doing any painting. I'm a fan of your watercolors!