Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Best v. 73

Um, I want this doggie. But alas, he/she belongs to Katsuya Kamo, whose home can be seen on The Selby. Sean wants a boxer someday, but I just love scruffy terriers with bangs in their eyes (just like me!).

  • I want to go to this new boutique of pretty things in Arlington.
  • Brave people! NPR staff tries 7-11's Buffalo Chicken Roller.
  • A bracket of the incredibly horrible (and funny) things significant others have said. 
  • An old-school computer game version of visiting a blockbuster exhibit at MOMA.
  • The sweetest old people try to use a webcam.
  • Why is Jenny so brilliant?! Her latest DIY project is to line her lampshades with metallic paper!
  • You probably already saw this, but: The "Bonjour" song from Beauty and the Beast 100x better.
  • How to tie a headscarf.
  • A study recently showed that fathers have less testosterone. This writer says it's fatherhood that makes the man.
  • I don't need this just yet, but 10 pieces of great parenting advice.


EmilyO said...

The old folks are very sweet, except he totally asks her to show her boobs on camera! I didn't hear it at first, but he definitely says it!

Amber said...

i know, and then he pinches her! lol. randy old fellow!