Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Things I learned to love during my Appalachian childhood: Bluegrass, drive-ins, high school football, Dollywood and mountain roads.

Things I didn't love during my Appalachian childhood: Southern food.

I'm proud to say that slowly but surely, my palate is expanding to make room for some Southern foods. I still have a whole slew of foods that don't make my list of faves, but I like the new spins that a lot of contemporary Southern-inspired restaurants are doing. That inspiration is part of what I loved about the menu at Public House in Norfolk.

Public House is supposed to be a British-inspired gastropub, but it was menu items like "blue collar mac and cheese," pulled pork and moon pies that got me.

I started with a Ginger Snap: Vodka, dark rum, fresh ginger, honey, apple juice and lime juice. It was sweet and sour and pretty great.

I pushed past my fear and ordered waffle-battered chicken breast with blueberry sauce. CRAZY, but crazy awesome. It was kind of similar to a monte cristo, and the asparagus was perfectly grilled. It was all delicious together, and I seriously cleaned my plate.

I finished the night with homemade gourmand moon pies (too much, I ended up taking more than half of it home). They were great, but I have to admit: I sorta prefer the preservatives-packed kind I grew up eating. These were very rich.

All in all, it was a great eating-out experience; I can't wait to take Sean so he can sample their shepard's pie!


Suzanne Tate said...

You should explain what you mean by "Southern food." I assume you enjoy some things, like fried chicken, but not vegetables that have been cooked to death. I am a proud member of the soup bean haters club. Ditto for things like chicken fried steak (ugh!)

Suzanne Tate said...

It's also worth noting that many people in Wise County ignore the actual geography and think Norfolk is "up North."