Monday, September 26, 2011

Home, Let Me Go Home

I took a weekend to go home and get some sweet friend time in with my BFF Jamie. I thought I'd share some snapshots of my trip, if you're interested:

On the way to my hometown, I stopped at the Shenandoah Valley Arts Center to check out my friend Pat Jarrett's photo exhibit. It's about manhood in modern times, and has amazing portraits of men, from Boy Scouts to gangstas to grandpas.

On Saturday, Jamie and I made a stop by the Powell Valley Overlook, a spot I took for granted my entire childhood. This was our view on the regular, y'all.

I painted it once in college, and it was sorta crappy. Maybe I'll try again.

We made sure to eat at Robo's Drive-In in Pound, Va. For like six years, Jamie and I had a tradition: at the beginning and end of every summer, we went to Robo's. I would get a Reese's Cup milkshake, Jamie would get a peanut butter shake. And for my money, it's one of the best cheeseburgers in the universe, as good as Five Guys, if not better.

And a parting shot — the kudzu enveloping the mountainside. Such a common sight in my childhood, I didn't even know it wasn't the norm.

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