Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Patterned or Solid?

I cannot CANNOT make up my mind. I've been thinking, as you know, about making a headboard. The best part of making a headboard is that I can use any fabric I want. The worst part is, I can use any fabric I want.

I keep vacillating between choosing a solid fabric or a patterned fabric. On the one hand, I think a patterned fabric would be a fun way to punch it up, whether it's a neutral or colorful fabric. On the other hand, almost all of our sheets are patterned, so it might be better to go with a solid headboard. On the other other hand, mixing pattern works fine as long as you're in the same color family, right? RIGHT? Ugh, I'm losing my mind.

Let's compare shall we?

Ticking stripe headboard from Martha Stewart. I actually think this would be great for our guest room, where I have all my silhouettes.

I like the idea of a neutral pattern, like this one.

And I really, really love the impact of this floral headboard from Lonny.

But oh, a simple chic, so timeless...
A solid headboard can mix well with patterns, like this one from Rue.

A solid gray brings masculinity to a feminine room. Designed by Steven Gambrel, seen here.

I could never DIY this coral headboard, but I do love the idea of a bright color. From Decor Pad.

Finally, wouldn't this tufted gray headboard give plenty of room to grow? Seen here.

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