Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Spy: Williamsburg Antique Mall (WHERE ELSE?)

Yeah, you know the drill. I'm hoping to make it to an antique store or thrift shop soon that ISN'T the Williamsburg Antique Mall, but you have to understand, it's the best place to kill time before my meetings. So, if you're not totally tired of seeing shots of items from my trusty Antique Mall, come virtual shopping with me!

So, is a glass hand creepy or no? This pink depression glass hand is a perfect ring holder, if you aren't weirded out by it. $35.

I loved this pretty 1920s lady. I think she cost $89, which is a bit much for a stranger but she'd lend some great stature to any home. One of the antique stores I've shopped at always puts a sign beside random photos/portraits that says, "Adopt a relative!" I love that.

Behold! An amazing art deco schoolhouse-style pendant light with copper trim for $65. You can't even buy a copycat for that cost. Wouldn't it look so beautiful in an entry hall, with rustic woods and this Hygge and West wallpaper.

Geodes and gems are SO IN right now, but also so classic. This gorgeous set of bookends were $65, which is a pretty sweet price and would bring so much snazz to a bookshelf/mantle.

Geometric prints, especially 80s-inspired ones, are so so so hot right now, and this already framed lithograph is a serious find. It's by artist Niels Nedergard, who actually popped up when I google searched it, so it's got a little street cred, too. Now, get this, the price was $35! That's literally what you'd pay for a much tinier, derivative print on Etsy + another $35 for framing. God, maybe I've talked myself into buying it!

It's a good reminder, though, that thrift store/antique store art doesn't always have to be weak florals and paint-by-numbers. For every family who treasures everything they inherit, there's one who looks at a pile of art and says, "ugh, this is junk." So keep your eyes peeled for quality and intrigue!

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