Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gift Guide: Moms, Aunts and In-Laws

Mom Gifts

Whoops! Meant to post this earlier today...just one of those weeks already! For the lovely lady in your life, be she your mom, aunt, boss or mentor, spoil her a bit. Lord knows they spoil you a lot!

  1. Meyer lemon trees are lovely to look at, and useful, and survive the winter indoors! A 2-3 foot tree is regularly $99, although I just saw one for sale for $40!
  2. A timeless sweater, fit for Audrey, Laura Petrie and mom. $59 at Boden.
  3. Odds are she hasn't replaced any of her serveware or cutting boards in your lifetime. Get her a super fancy oak serving board, $49 at Gretel Home.
  4. Give her a beautiful gold bracelet stamped with a special date in roman numerals, $98 at Etsy.
  5. Macaron of the Month Club. Nuff said. 
  6. For ladies with black thumbs, get the Click and Grow, a high-tech pot that dispenses water as needed. $79.
  7. Turkish towels not only look beautiful, but are super absorbent and have multiple uses. Beat that, terrycloth! 
  8. Finally, a blinging mother-of-pearl watch, just because. $105 at Fossil.

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