Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gift Guide: The Little Kiddos

Kiddo Gifts

I have a weakness for impractical, overpriced kids' stuff. It's honestly hard to even narrow down a list, but here are some extra stellar items I spotted while surfing the net!

  1. It is ridiculously expensive, but this J.Crew baby snowsuit is killing me with cuteness, $128.
  2. A cardboard ice cream truck is a great addition to any playroom, $60 at OTO.
  3. I want this trumpet kazoo for myself! $19 at the Cooper Hewitt store.
  4. EDIT: Forgot to post the link to this awesome hanging cocoon! How cool would it be in a backyard, on a porch or at a lakehouse? Not cheap, but fun for the whole family. $345.
  5. Duck decoy pillow by Thomas Paul, $28.
  6. Get your little one's motor runnin' with a stupid expensive rocking motorcycle, $292 from Etsy.
  7. I'm a little obsessed with all of the stuffed animals from Blabla, but I'm partial to the ballerina cats.


gina-mom said...

ummm, what's below the trumpet?

Amber said...

whoops! It's a cocoon: