Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gift Guide: The Men in Your Life

Man Gifts

Seriously, men are the WORST to shop for. All the gift guides on the internet suggest what women want to buy men, not what they really want. And if they need something, they just buy it! Alas. My ideas are a little tech-heavy, but that's just the life I'm livin, folks.

  1. Upgrade the bookshelf in Dad's office with one from Book Shop, $129.
  2. OR, give him the perfect storage solution for his records/newspapers/comic books. $39 at Urban Outfitters.
  3. The future is now! Sync your computer screen with your TV using the new Chromecast, just $35.
  4. Perfect for road trips: the iPad car charger. $25 at Belkin.
  5. No room for a firepit? This little portable fire is a stylish alternative. $219 at Vuesso.
  6. Get him his very own grrrrrowler for those trips to craft breweries. $15 at West Elm.
  7. All my husband wants is the XBox One, at a hefty $500.
  8. Dad/Hubby can control outlets with his smartphone using WeMo!

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