Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Today I Like ... Wild Ophelia

I love crazy flavors of chocolate, and lucky for me, there seems to be a boom right now in creativity when it comes to artisanal chocolate bars. I like to troll the chocolate aisle at World Market and the Williamsburg Pottery whenever I get the chance, just to see what craziness is out there. On my most recent trip, I was completely charmed by the Americana-inspired flavors in the new Wild Ophelia chocolate line by Vosges.

Vosges is known for its bacon chocolate bars, which in my opinion, completely started the bacon-for-dessert trend.

The chocolate was silky smooth and the peanut butter and banana were perfectly blended, with just the occasional teeny tiny bite of dried banana. I also LOVED the packaging, which is really whimsical and has a whole story about Ophelia and her crazy ways.

Next on my list of must-try flavors: BBQ potato chips chocolate! I gotta get my bravery up to try the beef jerky bar.

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