Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Anna Karina, I like your style

 I finally got around to watching A Woman is a Woman" last night...it's been in my Netflix queue literally since I got Netflix in 2006. French New Wave films are so stylish and so, so very weird. It's amazing to see how, even 50 years later, they feel more forward-thinking and modern than most movies made today.

 The movie stars Anna Karina, an incredibly beautiful Danish actress, who looks like the word "gamine" was invented for her. None other than Coco Chanel gave her the name "Anna Karina" — her born name is Hanne Bayer.

 Her signature look was soft curls with volume, cat eyes and pale pink lips. Perfect.

 She could wear a hat like none other...doesn't this look like a picture of Kate Moss, except years before she was even born?

 She plays a girlish stripper hoping for a baby, torn between her boyfriend and their best friend (played by the always awesome Paul Belmondo on the left — only in French New Wave films do you find a character like that!

She was the muse of her husband and famous director, Jean-Luc Godard. Their romance didn't last, but he immortalized her one-in-a-million beauty and feisty spirit.

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