Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Best v.109

It's officially summer, isn't it? We had a fun weekend planned to go up to the DC area for a birthday party, but a tornado watch in Hampton Roads had different plans. A tornado ended up touching down in Hampton, so Sean got called into work. I ended up getting distracted with cleaning closets (my new hobby, apparently), so I'm going to have to let Alexandra Valenti's painted photographs give me that summer feeling. (Don't worry, I've gotten some time in the sun! It's actually been kind of chill here this weekend.)

Favorite links I found this week:
  • Presidential pick-up lines.
  • Do you have a thing for bearded, sensitive guys who wear flannel? I present Bon Iverotica.
  • This baby thinks a magazine should be an iPad.
  • This new website is like an online closet swap!
  • Remember Geocities websites in the late-90s? This Geocitiesizer will make any website look old school.
  • A brave blog post from one of my favorite artists. Reminds me I'm allowed to use my blog to vent, not just to share pretty things! (although I do love to share pretty things...)
  • Has street style photography lost its spontaneity?
  • Inspiring! One music writer sends all his files to the cloud.
  • What puberty feels like, according to Jeff Tweedy's teenage son. Very well-written and thoughtful.
  • Do you get emails from the Obama campaign that are weirdly personal in their subject lines? Hairpin tackles the awkward friendliness.
  • Ever show up matching your coworkers? Feast your eyes upon Work Twinsies.

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