Monday, June 4, 2012

Tornadoes + Greek Fest

As I mentioned  Sunday, we had some pretty cray-cray weather on Friday, with a bonafide tornado touching down in the next town over while we were at the movies! It was alternately monsooning and clearing up during my commute home and I managed to snap this shot of a big rainbow.

Even though we were bummed our weekend plans changed, there was a silver lining: we got to go to the Newport News Greek Festival, which is one of my favorite annual events! What's not to love? There's tweens doing traditional dances...

Chicken pitas with tzatziki sauce and my new favorite ever: french fries with parmesan and Greek spices. These are serious business, you guys, and I might have to try that some time at home!

And no trip to Greek Fest is complete without loukoumades, fried dough with honey and cinnamon. They are sort of incredible.

I was bummed Sean got called into work to help with tornado coverage, but I was happy I got to wear my new hat. Target, bitches! I know one thing...I'm a firm believer in "bloom where you're planted," but I don't ever want to be planted somewhere without a Target.

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