Monday, June 11, 2012

Tall Ships and Fireworks

We had another one of those weekends that makes me feel so blessed to live where we do. Norfolk was host for OpSail 2012, a once-a-decade event that brings tall ships and warships from around the world to our harbor. It was captivating...the ships came sailing in on Friday morning and were anchored in Norfolk for the weekend.

The event was also commemorating the commemoration of the War of 1812, and to celebrate both events, the city decked itself out in stars and stripes. I thought I'd share some of the lovely sights we took in over the weekend, starting with this apartment's lovely patio garden.

Yachts from around Hampton Roads.

In an 1812 recreation, a "profilist" hand-cut silhouettes.

This pair demonstrated fencing, which was really cool to see in person!

An Ecuadorian tall ship. Incredible.

Sean and I, on board the Virginia schooner. We didn't match on purpose.

The flag was so beautiful waving in the wind.

The golden eagle on the U.S. Coast Guard's tall ship.

Sun setting behind the tall ships and tents.

At night, the ships were decked out in cafe lights. It made me want to have the most amazing boat party.

The night concluded with fireworks, and AT&T provided these kaleidoscope glasses! So fun.

Our friend Melissa snapped this shot of Sean and I watching the fireworks. Thanks, Melissa!

It was such a fun and special event. We ended up knocking through five bottles of wine between four of us and the hangover was pretty serious business. Lesson: I am not 20 anymore! But it was still worth it for such a fun time.

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