Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Get a Load of Them Knockers

 Just as I'm sure you suspected from my provocative post title, this is about front doors. ha!

Do you have a knocker on your front door? I'm pretty sure next to no one actually uses them these days, but I've always loved them. They're like earrings for your house's outfit! I don't have one (I rent, so I'm not allowed to experience joy), but I like to fantasize about my future front door. This anchor one was captured by The House That Lars Built, which has an entire tag devoted to front doors!

Some are cute and quirky and some are traditional, like this pretty one I found here.

Here are some of my favorites I spotted around the interwebs:

Door knockers

  1. Hexagonal door knocker by the Nanz Company (no price, alas).
  2. Dragonfly in oil-rubbed bronze, $110 by Michael Healy.
  3. Ring knocker, $83 by Baldwin.
  4. Claddagh knocker, $16 on eBay (hurry, hurry!)
  5. Monogram knocker, $39 by Michael Healy.
  6. Whale knocker, $20 on Amazon.
Which is your favorite? I really love the monogram one, but the whale is so whimsical and fun!

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