Monday, June 25, 2012

Botanical Gardens, USO Show, Historical Times

 Sorry for the light posting over the past few mommy came to visit! We packed a LOT in over a couple days, but that's the way she and I like it. I thought I'd share some snapshots of the visit, if you'd like to look.

 On Saturday, we spent a couple hours wandering through the lovely Norfolk Botanical Garden, then had a delicious dinner at Omar's Carriage House, where the truffle oil fries are to die for!

 The real excitement, however, was getting to see Swingtime Salute, a recreation of a USO show in 1945, performed on the deck of the USS Wisconsin, which is permanently docked in Norfolk. The show closes on July 8.

It was so sweet and so much fun. The sunset was hot pink, there was a wonderful breeze and we listened to 40s standards on the deck of a ship! It was awesome.

 On Sunday, we headed up to Colonial Williamsburg, where I was seriously tempted by this Les Indiennes-style fabric by the yard. Might have to go get some at some point for pillows or napkins.

We ate at my favorite, The Cheese Shop, where I had my go-to: smoked turkey, edam, watercress, house dressing on French bread. So good.

 Williamsburg, by the way, is a GREAT source for gifts. Because everything is new again, all the old-fashioned, sweet simple packaging (newspaper and twine, kraft paper and ribbon) feels fresh.

 After CW, we headed to Historic Jamestowne, where archaeologists have continually conducted digs every year since the first clues of the original fort were discovered in 1994. Mom and I had to take a moment to commiserate with Pocahontas.

The church was built in 1907 on top of the foundation of a church from of the floor are made of glass, so the original foundation is visible. So cool, and makes me so proud to live here, where it all began.

It was a great weekend and wonderful visit, but went by too fast! Don't they always?

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