Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Spy: Campaign, Chrome and Brass

Who am I kidding? Is it fair to even call it treasure-hunting if I keep revisiting the same treasure chest? Let's not worry ourselves about that. Here is the truth: Cypress Point Antique Mall in Virginia Beach is one of my favorite spots in the state, and one of the main reasons is that every time I go, the merchandise has almost completely turned over. Also, the prices are seriously amazing.

Enough about that. Let's play I Spy. First up: a pair of campaign-style nightstands or shelves for $85. I can imagine painting them kelly green like this one, or popping lacquered white wood on top and using them to form a modern desk.

 Right beside the campaign furniture were these two chrome and glass side tables. Nothing gives a little shine and modernity to a space like chrome! These were also less than $100 for the pair.

 I don't need one, but this little midcentury cabinet would be perfect as a bar or for holding collector vinyl. It was $95.

 Someday, when I design my fantasy man cave for Sean, I want to put in framed shark teeth or arrowheads, like this set. Something like that looks really cool among paintings and photography in a gallery wall.

 Some brass sculptures just conjure memories of cheesy hotel rooms, but done right, a brass sculpture can really pop against a wall, like in this room. I think these butterflies would look sweet above a fireplace or in a girl's room. This one was a super affordable $35!

 This awesome man chair was marked $200 as-is. I didn't see the obvious problem with it, but that's a steal.

 I couldn't find a price, but these were very clean, very cool mod pendants that would look AHMAZING over a marble island in a kitchen.

 This was so freakin' weird, but it spoke to me. Half-moon shaped bud vase, $8.

 The color is totally washed out in this pic, but these pretty birdies were celedon-colored ceramic! So pretty, and would look gorgeous on a bookshelf. I think it was $25 for the pair.

 This midcentury cabinet was $325. If you took out the glass and middle shelf, that could easily hold a small TV! It could also double as a bookshelf, and obviously, a china cabinet.

 Is this hideous? It probably is. They had two of these rope-wrapped frames around black and white pictures of WWII-era boats and they seemed weirdly awesome to me. $10 each.

 I loved this gold-stripe vase! It looks both modern and ancient at the same time. It was $12.

 Who can resist a gold-and-ceramic elephant? Okay, probably most people. But it definitely reminded me of Young House Love and Sherry's obsession with white ceramic animals.

This brass lamp would look so hot with a red-orange drum shade, I think. Its price tag was all tattered, so I have no idea how much it cost!

And finally, this BIG, beautiful mirror was $85. EIGHTY-FIVE DOLLAS! I was thisclose to buying it just because, but I honestly don't have a place to put it. If I were renovating a bathroom, however, or had a big entryway, I'd snap that up. I think gilded, fancy mirrors like this look especially nice with spare, simple furnishings.

As for me? I ended up buying that brass vase you might have seen yesterday, and this really cool guy:

It's a walnut lazy susan! Perfect for condiments, or even jewelry or nail polishes!

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