Friday, June 29, 2012

Clever Ways to Serve Ice Cream

Ever since I bought my cheapie ice cream maker, I find myself totally preoccupied with ideas for cool flavors of ice cream and sorbet. I even ordered some pint boxes so I can give some away the next time I make it! It also has me thinking about having an ice cream party someday, but anyone who has ever tried to serve ice cream at a party knows it's a surprisingly tough endeavor.

You're in the kitchen, running your ice cream scoop under the warm water, while everyone is waiting anxiously for their dessert. You have to give it out one at a time, because otherwise it might melt. Plus, if you're like me, your scoops suck and are really half-moon blobs. That's why I've been so glad to run across these cute ideas for serving ice cream with just a little bit of preparation.

 New Zealand-based cake company Decorada had the clever idea of spreading ice cream in a foil pan and using cookie cutters to cut perfect servings of ice cream. I'd imagine this is extra easy if you let the ice cream melt a little, pour it in the pan and then refreeze.

 Real Simple has great suggestions, including dicing ice cream into slices.

 For an outdoor summer party, Pen and Paper Flowers had the idea of scooping ice cream into mini jars and putting them on ice. Adorable, and then people can choose their own flavors.

 Real Simple also suggests pre-scooping the ice cream, dropping the scoops into cupcake liners and keeping in the fridge until ready to serve. No muss, no fuss!
Finally, the ever-brilliant folks at Martha Stewart suggest pre-scooping, rolling the scoop in sprinkles and serving with a mini stick. So cute for kids' parties and bridal/baby showers!


Kelly said...

These are amazing. Where did you get the pint boxes??

Amber said...

Right here, Kelly!

Natalie Vargas said...

What size is that cookie cutter?

Amber said...

Hi Natalie, I didn't actually create the original image, just reposted it. Sorry!

liz22 said...

Do you know that the cut out hearts are actually marshmallows and not ice cream? I contacted the company Decorada, looking for tips on how they stored the "ice cream" after cutting out, only to find out it is homemade marshmallows. :)Clever idea though and I think I will try it with ice cream anyways.