Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wino Wednesday: New Zealand Wines!

This post is going to start with a series of apologies: sorry it is late, sorry I forgot to bring a real camera and most of all, sorry you couldn't be there to eat Ashleigh's amazing food! Last Wednesday, Ashleigh hosted our wine club's second stop on our international wine tour: New Zealand. New Zealand is known especially for its Sauvignon Blanc, which we witnessed when almost all of us brought a bottle!

Ashleigh prepared a delicious spread, including veggie pizza, cherries, cucumber feta rolls and my favorite, kiwi guacamole. Omg, I could survive on that.

She also got some assistance from her friend, Chef Chris Hill. He whipped up a sweet chili dipping sauce for our sweet potato fries, and a stout mint sauce to pair with lamb chops. SO GOOD!

My plate of deliciousness. Ash made the most delicious, perfect lamb chops.

Here's the line-up of our many white wines. We found they ranged from sweet to peppery to peppery sweet:

  • Scene 17 Pinot Noir: A plummy berry wine — the only red we had! It was very good.
  • Tiki Sound Sauvignon Blanc: My friends tried this wine the night before and texted me to say it should be my pick. No problem with that! It was a delicious mix of all the flavors we had in the previous wines, with a great finish.
Next stop: Argentina, at my house!

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