Monday, May 23, 2011

Stockley Gardens Art Festival

On Saturday, I dragged Sean to the Stockley Gardens Art Festival this weekend. I was looking for a little inspiration, and found quite a bit. We couldn't afford to drop any more money on art (seriously, we're like a wayward home for paintings and prints), but I thought I'd share some of my favorites.

I loved the vibrancy of Ed Fadool's work. The hot pinks had me totally smitten, and I like how it has an electric current that is often missing from landscapes.

I seriously was walking away backwards from the work of Benjamin Frey. His mixed media works were interesting and intriguing; I seriously tried to convince Sean to drop $800 on one, but he reminded me I want a new car.

If I regret not buying anything, it was this photograph by Jim Spillane. All of his photographs were taken in India, Nepal, Tibet and other parts of southern Asia and the colors were mesmerizing. I loved all the action in that shot above. People were mobbing his booth!

These wall hangings by Scott Supraner were so beautiful and unexpected; they're actually pieces of pottery puzzled together into what looks like prints. They would make such a big impact in any room.

Milenko Katic's works reminded me of Robert Rauschenberg's combines, and he had several great pieces with horses. Artists can't resist horses; I should know because I can't, either!

The show is unfortunately over, but there is another one in the fall and I hope to attend that one, as well, hopefully with more moolah to spend. I did buy some lovely coral earrings from Mari Collection, who had the prettiest jewelry around, in my opinion.


Suzanne Tate said...

I dearly love the Stockley Gardens Art Festival -- a terrific show that is a true annual event. Glad you enjoyed it!

Benjamin Frey said...

Thanks for the compliment. -Ben