Monday, May 2, 2011

Inherited Bistro Set

Sean and I recently inherited this awesome French-style bistro set from his parents. I've always wanted a set like this, and I'm so happy to have seating that is dedicated to the outdoors (before we had to carry chairs in and out). There's only a couple eensy problems:

A little nick, and also, forest green just isn't my color. It goes perfectly with their house and their other outdoor furniture, but I'm thinking I might want to spray paint it. That's where I need your help!

First, do you think I need to sand it before painting it (possibly with a little power sander), and will I create trouble with that nick by doing so?

Second, I am totally torn on what color to choose. I've thought about a reddish-orange, a pale blue, bright yellow, white or maybe even a more minty green. What do you think?


Tallulah Bankrobber said...

Very cute! I can't tell what it's made of, though. It's great to sand wood, but you might have an easier time of it if you just spray a primer over the set and let it dry before you spray paint it. I vote for red-orange, but all your ideas sound nice.

Amber said...

It's iron, I think! I should have said that. lol