Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sirloin Sliders

To go with our brioche buns, I used Rachel Ray's recipe for sirloin burgers. Why sirloin? I was there, and sounded fun and different. It's a bit leaner than ground beef, and that does contribute to less juicy burgers, so please consider that. I sort of missed the juicy factor.

Anyways, I dumped the sirloin in a bowl with some quick sauteed yellow onion, ground peppercorns, salt and a dash of Worcestershire sauce.

I used a little slider press I picked up at HomeGoods for $4 to make perfect little patties. Honestly...not that crucial, but still secretly fun.

And because daylight had passed, I just popped them on the grill pan. Sirloin is a bit tricky because I found my burger was pinker on the inside than I'm used to, even though I cooked each patty the same amount of time I would with ground beef.

As you may recall, the buns ended up way too big after all. SIGH. I used cheddar cheese and squirted some of the Savannah BBQ sauce from County Grill. Delicious!

Pretty simple, but one tip worth sharing: to get perfectly melty cheese, I put the slice of cheese on the burger right after it came off the pan, then tented some tin foil over it. Voila! Perfect if you're like me and you hate cold cheese on a hot burger.

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Suzanne Tate said...

Sounds delicious! And very ambitious of you to make the buns. I cannot agree strongly enough about the cold cheese/warm burger thing. It must be melted for me to eat it.