Friday, May 6, 2011

My Mom, the Ballerina

In preparation for Mother's Day, I thought I'd share some pictures my mom recently posted to Facebook. My mom spent almost all of her life, up until last year, dancing or teaching dance.

Obviously everyone thinks their mom is the coolest, but I really must insist my mom is up there on the cool list. I've always been so proud that she was so creative and passionate, if not always practical. The other day I was saying she might not be able to give me the best advice on investments or real estate, but she is the kind of mom who knows exactly how long you should dye your fabric and sews her own tutus.

My mom was always the smallest in class; I was always the tallest!

I only recently saw this picture and I'm in love with it. I want to get a nice big print of it, because it's totally frameworthy.

The interesting thing about parents is that they can really pass on their passions. I was never very great at ballet, but my mother's love for it was so strong, that it feels like loving it is in my DNA. I can't get through an episode of "So You Think You Can Dance" without bawling, and just seeing this picture of my mother tying her shoes gives me flashbacks to childhood.

My mom reading me "Peter Rabbit," my favorite babyhood book. I love you, Mom!

My parents raised me in rural southwest Virginia and put a high priority on making sure I was still exposed to culture. It was my mom who got me hooked on old movies, regularly checking "42nd Street," "The Red Shoes" and "The Harvey Girls" out at the library. It was my mom who started me painting before I knew how to write my name. My mom would always take one look at merchandise in the stores and say, "I could make that" and now I find myself saying it ALL THE TIME. Thank you, Mom, for inspiring me to try.

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gina-mom said...

you are oh so welcome!... and i love you, too!... of course your nurturing was an extension of your parents nuturing... if your mama frankie hadn't encouraged your father's writing and theatre you may have been raised differently... if your nana and papa hadn't exposed me to every form of art, music, dance, and theatre they could find... by the way did you ever hear the story about how your father was obsessed with the bristol ballet "nutcracker" commercial when he was 2...