Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Spy: Williamsburg Goodwill

I popped by the Goodwill in Williamsburg yesterday to pass the time and spotted a few gems, mainly this hot pink velvet antique settee, priced at $225.

First of all, the shape is fab, so if you have some extra cash but hate hot pink, it's still a pretty good deal. Second of all, I think the hot pink actually works. It would look great in a room of neutrals, as a nice pop of color. Really especially great in a single-girl home!

They also had this vaguely Chinoiserie-style patio chair and ottoman that I thought had real potential. I think it was $29 for the chair.

And if you're interested in adding some art, but don't have the money for the real thing, nothing's better than posters for museum shows. They had this one for a Jasper Johns exhibit in Sweden for $25.

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