Thursday, May 5, 2011

If I Had Another Prom

So, every year when prom season rolls around, I get a little wistful and wish I had something like prom to look forward to. I also get a little regretful that I didn't have one more chance to dress the way I WISH I could have in high school, had I been rich and much gutsier. Come fantasize with me!

Gold Prom

Gold Prom by amberfi featuring a silk crepe dress

I would have liked to go sparkly and short, like in this J.Crew Collection dress. A little pop of color with the clutch and the lip gloss, and lots of bling to set off a simple cut. Plus, couldn't you imagine wearing that dress again to some ridiculous college Casino Night?

Or maybe I'd go ethnic-inspired with a knock-off of this Marchesa dress, a touch of bronzer and a hot pink lip. Would this look great with Nicole Richie's ponytail?

But knowing me, I'd probably go classic, with this BCBG tulle dress, sparkly Kate Spade shoes, red lipstick and faux eyelashes.

And just for fun, here's my REAL senior prom picture:

I'm the one in black on the end. I picked the dress based on a goal to never regret it, but I do have a small regret...I wish I had been more FABULOUS. lol. 

How about you guys? Anything you would change about your prom look? What would you wear now, given the chance?


dulci said...

omg you are reading my mind!! totally wishing I could have another prom...

Amber said...

I think if all of us were given the chance to go back, we'd ditch the crappy boyfriends, go with our gal and gay pals and wear whatever we want. They should have prom for grown-ups!