Friday, May 6, 2011

BHLDN Party Decor

As soon as I heard Anthropologie was coming out with a wedding sister store, albeit six months after my wedding, a little part of me wept inside. I KNEW they would stock everything I was searching for on Etsy, Ebay and in antique shops.

Yesterday, they stocked their website with goodies and while MANY of the items would frankly be cheaper and easier to DIY or pick up something similar at an antique store, there are some exceptionally beautiful goodies. And the best part? I can use party supplies any time, whereas I certainly don't need another wedding dress! Here are some of the standouts:

Left: Porcelain Blooms, $10 each. I think these could be so lovely decorating a cake, strewn along a gift table or fastened to ribbon bunting along the aisles. After the wedding, they could easily be used as napkin rings.

Right: Best in Show decorative picks, $40. These picks would be adorable in cupcakes, pies or as placeholders, but I think they'd be perfect in scones at a bridal tea or bridal shower.

Left: Papered Posie garland, $1,500. I honestly can't imagine dropping that kind of cash on this garland, even though it's handmade and lovely, but if you were getting married at home and had money left, this could be SO LOVELY on a mantle, bannister or trellis. After the wedding, you could put it out on your wedding anniversary every year, and someday drape it over your baby's crib.

Right: Zinc Letters, $8. FINALLY. Freestanding zinc letters! This is basically exactly what I had wanted for my caketopper, but since Sean's name starts with an "S," it's pretty challenging to balance a curved letter. If you buy both of your initials, BAM, you have keepsake bookends.

Left: Bewreathed Pendant backdrop, $2,500. Whew. That sure is a lot of money. But gosh, can you not imagine it at a Jane Austen-inspired garden wedding? It just demands a gauzy dress in front of it! After the wedding, it could hang behind a bed to create a makeshift headboard.

Right: Papered Posy Bouquet, $224. Seriously, at that price, this bouquet costs the same amount as the normal kind that dies! I think this really might be the best deal in the bunch. It's gorgeous, designed by artist Livia Cetti and if properly preserved, could be passed down the generations or at least decorate a vanity.

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