Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wine Club and Post 200!

Today marks my 200th post and what better way to celebrate than with some wine? We had another meeting of wine club on Wednesday at the drop dead gorgeous home of Wanda and Christina Austin, co-workers of one of our core members. Their home is amazing and this dramatic bar made for a perfect backdrop.

It was Chardonnay night, so chosen because for some reason, most of us really dislike Chardonnays. We thought it was high time to find one we could imagine downing more than once, so we set out to tackle this important issue.

We had:
  • Domaine Alfred Stainless Chardonnay: This was the hands-down favorite. It was effervescent, which I love, and was very fruity and light for a Chardonnay. It didn't have that tart bitterness I associate with Chardonnay, so it was a welcome change.
  • Alice White Chardonnay: This is an inexpensive, Australian Chardonnay that Wanda called her "house wine." It was light and refreshing, perfect to have with a meal.
  • Brampton Unoaked Chardonnay: A South African wine that was lighter and citrusy. It had notes of pineapple that I could actually pick up, as opposed to normal when I just nod and smile.
  • Grand Vin de Bourgogne Chablis: Erica (our wine mistress of ceremonies) taught us that a Chablis from Burgundy is like getting a champagne from Champagne, France — the real deal. This was my pick and was the only one I could find at Total Wine. It was different; it tasted like no other Chardonnay I've ever tried. Erica said its flavors were more pure — sharp, distinct green apple, with a buttery finish. Interesting, but had a tart start.
  • Patrick Javillier Bourgogne: A white burgundy with a sharp bite. Erica taught us that white burgundies should age for three years before consumption, while sweet wines should be served almost immediately.
The spectacular bar area at the Austin home.

Three generations: Victoria, her daughter and her mother, visiting from Rochester, N.Y.

Erica pours a selection for Miranda.

Christina and Miranda pose with the crowd favorite.

The wine club gang, minus some of our faves who couldn't make the trip across the water due to horrific storms.

And to finish, an amazing homemade chocolate cake garnished with fresh fruit. Delicious!

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