Thursday, August 13, 2009

Christina Kober Eternity Ring

In my constant quest for the best unique wedding band, I also came across the Mobius Eternity ring by Christina Kober, an Atlanta-based jeweler. 

Her Etsy page says of the ring:
A mobius strip is a cool geometric phenomena, first discovered by a German mathematician, August Ferdinand Möbius. It is a two-dimensional structure with only one side. This means that like a ring, which has no beginning or end, a mobius strip has no "inside" or "outside", but has only one, continuous "side". 

A mobius strip is a representation of eternity, because it is endless and on going.
Pretty sweet, huh? I like the idea of eternity.


Paige said...

Eternity's all well and good, but a mobius take on eternity? It's just too, too perfect. Can I re-do my wedding?!?! (Oh, in white-gold or platinum please Ms. Kober...)

gina-mom said...

i like it!