Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Charmed by Charm City Corn

Sean's sister Katie very graciously donated a Foreman grill to our cause. It doesn't infuse the meat with cedar or charcoal deliciousness, but you know what? It gets the job done and doesn't involve flipping and on a night like tonight, that's exactly what I needed.

So I sprinkled some Mrs. Dash on both sides of some chicken breasts and slapped that chicken on there and Foreman'd it up. Tonight, Sean did the heavy lifting, for he made Food Network's Charm City Corn.

I don't much care for corn. I have tiny teeth and eating it off the cob guarantees I'll spend half the day stabbing my gums with a toothpick. But Sean loves corn, and I like Old Bay seasoning, so it seemed like it would be worth a shot.

The recipe calls for boiling water and milk, which starts to look very "boil, boil, toil and trouble" after a few minutes (Macbeth fans holla atcha girl!). The milk bubbles up all crazy-like and starts to resemble many of the episodes of Mr. Wizard, but that's okay. It should look like that. You drop the corn in there and let it boil a few minutes until crisp tender.

IMPORTANT QUESTION: Why milk? We couldn't figure out what its job was in this situation...we can't tell if it altered the taste. Anyone have any clues?

Remove the corn and drain the pot, then put a tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon of Old Bay seasoning in the same pot. Stir that up nice and pretty.

Add the corn! Roll it around until coated with buttery, spicy, sweet greatness. I'm pretty sure this counteracts any healthy benefits the corn may have offered.

People....this corn was an epiphany. For someone like me, who has never thought corn was worth the trouble, this was a life-changer. It was so buttery, so perfectly spicy and sweet and bursting with flavor, that I regretted hesitantly taking only a third of an ear.

Side note: It's good to be cooking again. I took last week off due to a horrific series of events that I somewhat detailed last week. Highlight: opening a package of pork to find it was bad...and the expiration date was the next day. Disasters.

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Elizardbeth said...

w00t on the new Foreman! Those things are wonderful. Enjoy.