Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Prepping for Engagement Shoot

This weekend, Sean and I are going to take our engagement pics with Ryan Burke in Virginia Beach, where I'm hoping to shoot at the 15th Street Amusement Park.

On my ever ongoing quest to look at more and more wedding pictures, I came across these pics by Stone Blue Productions, also taken at the amusement park. How cute is this? I love the bright colors, the action, the obvious fun and love they're sharing.

In other news, I bought this dress at Anthropologie for the engagement shoot on Friday. It was my quarterly Anthropologie splurge.

But because life is life, guess what happened? Sean fell on the floor and in the midst of a giggle fit, I tried to pull him up. I couldn't do it and I kept trying and trying, using all my weight, and we kept giggling and I kept pulling and suddenly he let go. And I went FLYING INTO THE WINDOW FRAME. That's right. I flew backward.

So now that I bought a $100 sleeveless dress, I have a green bruise to go with it. SIGH.


Amanda said...

In similar news, I invested in some Banana Republic pencil skirts for teaching only to earn the most righteous shin bruise from the trailor hitch on my Uhaul. It was brilliantly blue and red for Day One. But, of course, no one took my picture.

At least you have a funny story to tell if the bruise shows up in the pics. :)

Sara said...

That looks awesome! I think you should use the bruise as a segway into telling people how Sean gave you a fat lip. Good, classic Amber&Sean tales.

Awesome dress choice. I have a file of anthro dresses for future pattern inspiration (if i ever find time. hah)

rachel said...

So.. I just came from your other blog under the impression that you'd just gotten engaged (I failed to look at the blog entry date) and was like, "Wow, you guys are getting engagement photos done ALREADY?"

Maybe I should pay more attention to dates :)

Jess said...

These photos are fabulous! Have fun at your shoot!