Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Section Foreman House

Well, the trip to Abingdon went well. We all seemed to get along, so maybe this merging families thing is going to work out.

We stayed at the 1857 Section Foreman House, a historic guest house. I had never stayed in a guest house before; it's kind of like staying in someone's house while they're out of town. We had plenty to explore; the house was pretty kooky, in the best possible antiques-filled way. I thought I'd give you a little tour. 

Obviously, this is the kitchen. 

Which included a "Mealmaster." Awesome.

The bathroom just off the kitchen had more gorgeous hardware than an Anthropologie catalog. 

A portrait of one of the section foremans, complete with a magnifying glass to see the inscription.

The girlie room where Katie stayed. I love that mirror!

Our room. I thought the bed looked like an organ.

The front yard, as seen from the second floor.

Second-floor parlor.

The coolest part of the house — the book nook! Doesn't it seem like something out of David the Gnome?

The Pullman Room, so named because it looked like a train car. So weird, but cool.

And the officially weirdest thing in the house — the platform bathroom. I felt like I was in a performance art piece.

The lovely patio, directly across the train tracks from downtown Abingdon.

And the collection of shaving brushes from the kitchen. 

As you can see, the house had a lot of character. And it's up for sale, so you, too, could own a crazy house in Abingdon!

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i don't suppose they'd let you borrow the typewriter